All about today!

I was walking hurriedly making my way, cutting through the corridor, phone vibrating in the pocket, checking my watch every second because had to rush. It was such a huge place and finding the right thing at the right time, umm isn't this we cry for every time? So, standing in the center as I... Continue Reading →


Too good! Every time?

A pair of shoes. A bucket. A truck. A telephone. A vase. A swing set. A guitar without strings. An elephant. Next day it was a beautiful swing set, and likewise, every day there was a new object on the display stand of the wooden handicrafts shop which had more wrinkles than the old man... Continue Reading →

Wisdom over cake!!

Yesterday was a great day and today will be more awesome because today gives you a chance to think again about what you learnt yesterday! Well my yesterday was awesome because of one more reason, what other than a conversation teaching you something more about life will compliment best with the chocolate oreo cheesecake,, I... Continue Reading →

Thank her everyday!! (and not just one)

Park. Such a jolly awesome place to be!! Huge green Trees surrounding you, colorful swings with kids running around, breeze touching your hair and making it flow, sand lying around still as of too tired to make the move and always waiting for someone to come and leave their foot marks or shape it. And... Continue Reading →

extra sugar, less salt?

Hey hey, " I guess a little salt to this would give you great flavor", or " add some sugar to it", "You know it would be have been so good if you just added a little salt and not the amount you added"... and it goes on, They give you suggestions, These are mere... Continue Reading →

I was just listening..

" You know what I love to paint, but my brother always takes my color, although he is small but he messes my life so much! But you know he is very nice, we sometimes color together, but he doesn't always listens to me. I have given him a nickname(giggling). And last time in diwali... Continue Reading →

Lost? Start walking.

Ever been lost in a huge crowd, we don't know where to go and everyone else is heading towards a direction perhaps certain about where they want to go. Or that moment when suddenly the grip of the hand which you have holding so firmly looses and the touch is lost in fraction of seconds.... Continue Reading →

Flowers,, please?!

Just when I was sitting inside the cab grumping about the traffic, the missed sunset, honking vehicles, looking through the window, people walking on the streets some at a very fast pace not looking around but just pacing towards with an eye sharp at destination maybe their homes, maybe family, maybe a awaiting bed after... Continue Reading →

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