Footprints on The Sand

Walking beside the sea, fingers entangled into each other’sThe endless conversations, which brought us closer.Understanding each other so good that we could read eyes,Talk with just our expressions but never did silence come between us.The waves have seen us in every moodMe chasing you till far after every trick you would do,Which would irritate me... Continue Reading →


lately I had been living a yesterday lifeI would wake everydaysee another sun shine,but the breakfast would remind of youcomplaining why the mornings are so early.I would walk everydayon different streets,but look out for your hand to interlock my fingers.Gazing at the stars every night,in the hope that they still connectyou and me who are... Continue Reading →


Hey guys!! Sometimes things makes sense upsidedown so go ahead and let me know how is it?! please read it in reverse! 🙂 _____________________________________________ Leaves.starts walking againSomeone walking across asks hey, how are you?!and putting back me inside my thoughtsstealing away my distractionmaking them disappearsomeone walking on those green leafsSomeoneButa fury which will only damage... Continue Reading →

All about you! ❤️

How can I not look at you,when you quitely sit lost in the shananigans of your own thoughts,                                    and then slowly smile while playing with your hair,how can I not adore you,when you adjust the square glasses on... Continue Reading →

The Week(end) Trip!

Keep walking, keep walking, "Trust me guys I know where we are going". and the rest of us three followed our confident miss who was leading our coup. "Umm, guys I don't know but those people were saying to go straight only, what do you think, but here are two straights one from the right... Continue Reading →

Standing out!

Umm, I am writing after a longgggg time. Don't know, I just couldn't find the strength all this time to make my words stand on themselves. But by the way speaking about standing, tell me what do you think, how do you everybody stands? What did you all think? I guess you'll all say our... Continue Reading →

All about today!

I was walking hurriedly making my way, cutting through the corridor, phone vibrating in the pocket, checking my watch every second because had to rush. It was such a huge place and finding the right thing at the right time, umm isn't this we cry for every time? So, standing in the center as I... Continue Reading →

Too good! Every time?

A pair of shoes. A bucket. A truck. A telephone. A vase. A swing set. A guitar without strings. An elephant. Next day it was a beautiful swing set, and likewise, every day there was a new object on the display stand of the wooden handicrafts shop which had more wrinkles than the old man... Continue Reading →

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