The ‘first’ times.

Hold out your hand, now make a fist. Do you see the size of the fist? Well, this is the size of the organ which is continuously beating inside you! It may seem small but is a lot deeper, serine and full of arteries which transport the blood giving you life. Interestingly, it is not only the blood which flows but with it flows the multiple reasons to live, laugh, with it flows the feelings, joy, sorrow, fear, and the terror which increases the palpitations.

You must have heard about the ‘first experience’, most of the times we hear people talk about the beauty of the first experience, the memories attached to it, the rush we feel when we see him/her for the first time, the first date, the first holding of hands, the first kiss, or the first thought of getting that kiss, the excitement we feel while getting that first paycheck, the adventure we feel with the first ride or the sadness that drowns us after the first rejection!

Do you know what actually makes it special?  We always think from this fist-sized organ whenever it happens for the first time, I bet ALWAYS!  And that makes it special for the rest of our lives. You all must be knowing the science fact that human brain has a unique ability to learn from the incidents and may be good may be bad this makes all the rest different from that ‘first time’, a lil complicated.

The heart never loses its innocence, its the same always the same when you had when you were a child! Which becomes happy at just the site of colorful balloons, a scoop of ice cream, a puddle of water in the rainy season, the lap of mother and father’s fingers holding which you can fight the world. It never wants more, but every time we add the number the brain starts its work.

So it’s upon us when do we have to open the fists which we closed long back at the beginning and let out the same old child full of innocence and make every moment come alive!



‘I don’t wanna talk to you ever’ were the last words of her and she flung away swinging the bag around her arms. Tears rolling down her cheek with the little nose turning red. Very firm on the decision she constantly murmured never ever to go back. But after some time, the puffy eyes got back to normal and the heart started talking once again. The steps were walking towards the destination. Eyes searching, she ran quickly and swung her arms around! Stammering she uttered the words ” I am sorry, Dad!”. The wrinkled eyes twinkling held those hands with forgiveness but more of faith which resided in the bond.

This is the magic of the deepest bonds which exists on the earth. People who love each other may argue and fight but the end does not require any reason for coming together. The mind should never be let to think on such situations and ponder about the ifs and buts! It is the heart that must be listened to remembering all the memories that you shared before you decided that everything is over. Parents must always be respected and though our opinions go like the opposite charges on the ion we should never feel big enough to argue with them.

There is always the one whom we give our share of chocolates, the one who is special to us but no one else and for whom we tend to slightly break the rules. Sometimes due to misunderstandings situations happen. At such times you must open the eyes instead of the usual closing and try to see what the person means to you.

As rightly quoted, “Words are the most inexhaustible sources of magic” there are times when these words give the deepest wounds. But silence must never be given a chance to fill the void that gets created. Instead, a step should be taken to stir things clear. But remember not everyone loves you the most. The ones who forgive you more easily than hurting are the ones you should never ever lose!

Love is not just about hiding or proposing but sometimes it’s about admiring, respecting and loving the person with all your heart! And remember in the word ‘opinion‘ like ‘ion’ the plus-minus charges will always exist …

Tick Tock

Ever observed a clock? A clock constantly ticking around day and night tick, tock, tick, tock….

Yesterday night, while pretending to be existing on my bed lying obliviously, inhaling and exhaling monotonously just saw something I had never observed before, something random which eventually became meaningful: nothing is ever same except numbers on the dial and the position of hands on the clock! The hands of clock circling around, every minute every second following each other, but the moments, the people, the memories, the thoughts, the feelings coming along are never the same.It Challenges our beliefs of constantness while confidently proving the unpredictability.

The clock strikes two o’ clock but we all know it is never ever the same two. In part of life the time would have given joys and in other sorrows, sometimes would have given the best memories and maybe worst other times. People, seasons, feelings, events, opportunities, relations, health, prosperity, moods, fate, consequences, profits, all of these will keep metamorphosizing and so the virtue of satisfaction will keep on being variant. Perhaps we are doing things wrong or looking somewhere wrong!

Observing things is an art, so asking a question again have you ever observed the expressions of a musician while he strikes the right cord and sets a tune? An artist who intermixes the right proportion of colors to get the perfect blend of strokes? The face of a chef who gets lit up after the aroma from his cooking pot arouses and so on. This is where the true essence of satisfaction is explained and is constant!

So maybe sometimes we may know what we are looking for but search the wrong place! Start observing while accepting ‘nothing is constant!’ except……

(Well, now you know where to search for)  😉


P.S.: Thank you for reading!


The One!

The one who punches your cheeks, the one making you laugh at the silliest stuff, the one there to beat you from the fists, the one making your heart flee from the dark, the one making faces for teasing you but having the most adoring image in thy heart, the one ready to lend ears whenever you pour out your heart and having a unique idea about a place when you wanna disappear out , hearing when you are not able to speak, listening patiently when you don’t want to stop, rising a hand for giving up-tops, laughing when you fall, while kicking the reasons for your fall, giving advice and says are 100% sure, waiting for at least one nudge till end of the day, being there for you when no one is there and still searching for you when everybody’s there!

Did you get any name in your cells and the face of that person in heart who is the reason because of whom eventually the smile on your face got even bigger and bigger?

Such bonds are the most beautiful infinities we share in this world and blessed are those who get to share this with someone!

LOVE is a powerful word indeed but the serenity of it and nature is often misjudged as the perspective is narrowed! We all just have to broaden our visions and dream for magical things to happen, for fairy tales are written for only those who believe in them!

P.S. For those who didn’t get that one name, YOU WILL !!

Hint: It’s all about the first person you wanna tell the good news to! 🙂

Thanks for reading !!

The Choice!

“How strange is the lot of us mortals! Each of us is here for a brief sojourn; for what purpose he knows not, though he sometimes thinks he senses it. But without deeper reflection one knows from daily life that one exists for other people — first of all for those upon whose smiles and well-being our own happiness is wholly dependent, and then for the many, unknown to us, to whose destinies we are bound by the ties of sympathy.”

After reading the above excerpt, My first question to my amazing  reader, ‘YOU’  is from how many years are you on this earth? (You can say the number aloud!) now, my next question is since that time are you merely inhaling or are you breathing, breathing or existing and finally existing or living?

Well, you must appreciate the spontaneity of your answers as they flash in your grey cells at the very instance because pondering upon them aren’t going to give any answers, Trust me! But exploring for the cause will certainly do! I repeat, you got to trust me!

Having our hearts pace since ages we all have experienced them beat in a new different kind which we sometimes understand and don’t otherwise. People, places, things, events any of these can be the reason for these palpitations. You don’t have to understand ‘why’ but you got to master the art of ‘how you can control them’. Coming back to the earlier question it is absolutely fine if the answer was ‘exist’ because it takes a great deal to make that move but understand when.

There are people who hate you, places that repel you and events you don’t want to remember, for these you got to merely exist! Not giving any reverberations to them. Living for such situations is only going to drown you more into the dark and then you’ll just inhale and not breathe. Instead you ought to LIVE for those people who want you to smile, who care for you constantly, people who love you!Live for those places you have amazing memories with and live for those moments which give you happiness! Live for those you are going to give reasons to be happy and turn their existence into living.

In the end we are what we choose, we are given to choose only once but we don’t need to choose only one, every time!


P.S. The excerpt is from Ideas and Opinions written by Albert Einstein.The book is a marvelous read in its entirety, the kind that stays with you for a lifetime. Please do try reading it once.

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The Infinite Bond!

In this #trending world, where we all breathe in today, where we even don’t like to repeat the songs in our playlist and always want something new, each one of us does have those with us who are very constant in our lives! These are the songs to us who are just not any part of our playlist but the very rhythm & beats of us.

The ones with whom you sing, dance around and do the weirdest things even if you are the shyest one in the room. The ones with whom you shout your names while standing on the cliffs, run on the grass bare foot, tell them they are the most stupid & strange humans on earth and with whom you completely forget who you are while understanding what you should be! Because they are with whom our heart plays and has that mental synchronization which does not need any explanation!

Well, these creatures are called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. We add many prefixes to these words like best, bestest, to tell the depth of our bonds but it actually lies not in names but with those who are attached to it.But each one of them has a pious place and they are the stars which connect to create the constellations of our life.

The beauty of this bond is that while reading these very lines which are all in your hearts for sure you don’t have to remember those names! Your heart will be automatically filled with those memories and your grey cells will give those faces who share this infinite bond with you!

So, please if my little effort has also worked slightly for you do close your eyes, savour and relive those cherished moments with whom you share this infinite bond!

Happy Friendship day!

Thankyou for reading!


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Broken Crayons Still Colour!

She sat there in a corner weeping every second, all hopes shattered as every dream she wished for, seemed to be broken.Though she sat in the daylight her heart drenched in darkness creating even darker shades of black.Isolation was what she found peace in, the silence where her heart beats synchronised with the ticking of the clock for she wished all this was ephemeral.Suddenly the hinges squeaked, footsteps approached the swollen eyes flickered fighting the light which came behind them and a voice asked, “would you like to colour the picture?” unable to deny, she stuttered “I don’t have colours”.The girl reflexly broke the crayon in two pieces and while giving me she rejoiced,”it still colours!”.

Same goes with life but with a tiny twist, you only have to choose which colours are to be used to fill in your story. Not all of the colours bring us happiness and so must be kept aside because though we break them, those still colour and so we must decide upon them wisely. And this does not require a long thinking process always keep the ones, from which you feel magnified and cheerful.Surround yourself with these people, go to such places which will always add beauty to your story! You are the protagonists of your life and no one but you have the opportunity to fill your story.

So it doesn’t  matter how many times we stop or are broken we can still colour our lives and decide how to fill our picture.Well in the end,

Not every colour depicts your love,

not every shade brings you the joy.

Everyone of  them bears a resemblance,

though broken they still have their presence….

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