The Infinite Bond!

In this #trending world, where we all breathe in today, where we even don’t like to repeat the songs in our playlist and always want something new, each one of us does have those with us who are very constant in our lives! These are the songs to us who are just not any part of our playlist but the very rhythm & beats of us.

The ones with whom you sing, dance around and do the weirdest things even if you are the shyest one in the room. The ones with whom you shout your names while standing on the cliffs, run on the grass bare foot, tell them they are the most stupid & strange humans on earth and with whom you completely forget who you are while understanding what you should be! Because they are with whom our heart plays and has that mental synchronization which does not need any explanation!

Well, these creatures are called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. We add many prefixes to these words like best, bestest, to tell the depth of our bonds but it actually lies not in names but with those who are attached to it.But each one of them has a pious place and they are the stars which connect to create the constellations of our life.

The beauty of this bond is that while reading these very lines which are all in your hearts for sure you don’t have to remember those names! Your heart will be automatically filled with those memories and your grey cells will give those faces who share this infinite bond with you!

So, please if my little effort has also worked slightly for you do close your eyes, savour and relive those cherished moments with whom you share this infinite bond!

Happy Friendship day!

Thankyou for reading!


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