The One!

The one who punches your cheeks, the one making you laugh at the silliest stuff, the one there to beat you from the fists, the one making your heart flee from the dark, the one making faces for teasing you but having the most adoring image in thy heart, the one ready to lend ears whenever you pour out your heart and having a unique idea about a place when you wanna disappear out , hearing when you are not able to speak, listening patiently when you don’t want to stop, rising a hand for giving up-tops, laughing when you fall, while kicking the reasons for your fall, giving advice and says are 100% sure, waiting for at least one nudge till end of the day, being there for you when no one is there and still searching for you when everybody’s there!

Did you get any name in your cells and the face of that person in heart who is the reason because of whom eventually the smile on your face got even bigger and bigger?

Such bonds are the most beautiful infinities we share in this world and blessed are those who get to share this with someone!

LOVE is a powerful word indeed but the serenity of it and nature is often misjudged as the perspective is narrowed! We all just have to broaden our visions and dream for magical things to happen, for fairy tales are written for only those who believe in them!

P.S. For those who didn’t get that one name, YOU WILL !!

Hint: It’s all about the first person you wanna tell the good news to! 🙂

Thanks for reading !!

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