So many new people around me!#100Followers.

Hey Everyone! I am in an ecstatic mood and very thankful to all of you! I would like to share with you that today I got 100 followers! Yay!! Thanks to all of you wonderful people for reading my posts and listening through them. Acknowledging them so humbly. I remember the day when I started... Continue Reading →

Angry? Don’t talk!

Sitting in the corner, getting up, again wandering from left to right, gets to the corner again. Thinking about it the whole time, cursing yourself, closing your eyes, imagining that again, asking thousandth time why, why, why..??!!! Then back to walking anticipated not knowing where you are heading because your mind is stuck on to... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello People!! This is so very special!! My first nomination .. Yayy!! What makes it so more exciting is being nominated on the day which marks the completion of my one year of blogging! Thank you, Nishtha Shukla, for nominating me, feels great to be acknowledged by you who is such a great blogger herself... Continue Reading →


Maybe I should have done that, Maybe I should have decided a little fast, Maybe I should have never said 'that' to someone, Maybe I should have understood it then, Maybe its too late to turn, Maybe I asked her out then, Maybe I expressed what were my feelings, Maybe I should have said sorry,... Continue Reading →

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