Solution: If you are the person who is getting impatient: Please keep your ego aside and talk. If not working, then be patient and wait. Don't involve other people asking about why he/she is acting so, believe me, this is gonna create many hassles and your bond is precious above this or you wouldn't be... Continue Reading →


Nominated for “The Bloggers Recognition Award”

Thank you, Didi, for nominating me!! Thank you for your kind gesture, I felt truly honored to be nominated by one of the most humble and creative bloggers! 🙂 I love the poems which you bring to all of us, magical words, pure feelings, truly amazing! ❤  Guys, please do visit Didi's blog for awesome posts! The Rules:... Continue Reading →

The Telescope (Part I)

In the twinkling nights and in the brightest sun, every time, everyday Aziz would pray for Aabher to make him see through the telescope. Aziz and Aabher were best friends and their childhood bond got stronger as days went. Aziz had a telescope which was gifted to him by his grandma and as kids full... Continue Reading →

321 Quote Me

Everybody loves quotes, right?! Thank you Aguycalledbloke for nominating me and making me a part of this game! 🙂 So here's the marvelous game introduced by Aguycalledbloke. The drill goes like, Every day a topic is picked, you have to post 2 quotes and nominate 3 bloggers, who in turn will post 2 quotes on... Continue Reading →

Lyrical Challenge|Lyrics of life

Hey, everyone, I got nominated by Kranti Ma'am for my first bright and musical Tag “lyrical Challenge Tag”. I Love music, and eventually found out that ma'am and I almost happen to share the same taste in music! This is so nice, to meet and have conversations with people who like the same music, same... Continue Reading →

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