If you are the person who is getting impatient:

  • Please keep your ego aside and talk.
  • If not working, then be patient and wait.
  • Don’t involve other people asking about why he/she is acting so, believe me, this is gonna create many hassles and your bond is precious above this or you wouldn’t be so bothered!

If you are that person who has gone in the ZONE and is the cause of impatience:

  • Oh dude, please say some words…. I know you can also be fine but just need some space, but this silence is killing your mate. ” I am totally fine”, these few words can comfort them who really care and be worried for you.
  • If not fine, for once try and share your problem.
  • If angry tell why you are, I assure it helps! πŸ™‚

Not able to connect the dots? The above lines not making sense? Follow the below leads I guess you’ll find it as a piece of wisdom!

“We didn’t use to talk for hours before also, but that one bright smile standing far away in the corridor with a little nod used to be enough to mutually understand that everything is good.”……..Perhaps, this is the bond, friends, the ones whom we really understand share with us.

Having known each other for some time makes it habitual to talk once in a while, but then a time comes when you or your mate, get busy or maybe not,Β  get into some trouble or maybe not, get occupied in some task or maybe not,Β  are angry with you or maybe not (you must have done something or not, hehe πŸ˜‰ )Β but for sure the smile fades away and the conversations are swept off.

Obviously, when the conversations cease all the above situations come into mind one after the other and imaginations never come to an end. One keeps on doing the permutations about that changed behavior. The memories of happy moments together make you more impatient, and the silence causes it more! The inside you makes you worried, anxious, slight anger for him/her. And so to decrease these impatient feelings does the above lines presented as the solution before makes sense?

I hope it does, and your impatience is calmed or you make the other one at peace! πŸ™‚

Make the move πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!



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