Bookmarked pages #1

Posts in which I am going to share my bookmarked pages with you all, which I would love to remember always! 🙂 I would love to hear your response, and please share if you too had a similar experience in your life.

Einstein once explained relativity quoting, “When you are sitting with a nice girl, one hour is like one second. When you are sitting on the blinking ember, one second looks like an hour. This is the relativity.”

I still remember every single line of the conversation we had. Sitting beside the busy street beneath the streetlights turned out to be the best place to let go all the things which were going on inside. That evening it was just two of us on the street who were totally wrapped up in the conversations and laughing like weirdos. But I swear those were the best 45 minutes of my entire week sitting with her, bursting out the anxieties, detoxifying the sadness and fueling in positive happy vibes!

Honestly, sometimes having that person by your side may be a girl or a boy is truly a blessing. And these are the people whose behavior are not relative to our accomplishments but is absolute to our souls. They do not follow the relativity principle of being with us according to time but are always there. Finding them is rare and having at least one such mate is a blessing. Simply talking to them, having those tiny moments without any plans, just having them sit beside you, give you vibes which are worth lifetime warmth, affection and joy, in the form of memories, the photographs which we are gonna store in our memory albums and the pages which are gonna be bookmarked in our lives!

Unplanned simple hangouts + inside out conversations proved a success in our case! Don’t wait for the perfect time, perfect plan, perfect venue, go ahead grab the hand of your buddy/your partner and start walking without worrying about where will it lead, because the person walking next to will never let you mislead.

I would like to thank my buddy because of whom my evening got amazing! Thanks a lot for staying by me, always 🙂


Trust.Believe.Smile.Be kind!!

Thank you for reading 🙂


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