To all good things!

The story is about two brothers, a younger and an elder,,

both used to walk around the beach every day and have conversations amidst the stones and sand. One day while walking around during some discussion the elder one got annoyed by the lil boy’s perspective (which maybe would have been not right) and slapped him tight! The younger boy did not react but went along the sand and wrote on the sand “my brother hit me today”. It was another day and both of them were enjoying near the water, suddenly a wave gushed and took the younger one by his feet and he started shouting for help. The elder brother dived immediately and saved his brother. After gaining his breath back he thanked him and immediately went towards a stone, started scribbling. He wrote “Today my brother saved my life”

To this, his elder brother asked, that day when I hurt you, you wrote that on sand and today you are writing this on the stone. Why? The younger sibling replied because that was not a good memory but this is, and good ones must be remembered over the bad longer!

Simple, isn’t it? But sad we do the opposite, think about the same things, sometimes overthink, let the sad vibes win over good! We all must start looking out for the stones and start scribbling the good memories we all have! So, after liking my post go scribble, but on the stones! 🙂

Thank you for reading!

Trust.Believe.Smile.Stay kind

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