I was just listening..

" You know what I love to paint, but my brother always takes my color, although he is small but he messes my life so much! But you know he is very nice, we sometimes color together, but he doesn't always listens to me. I have given him a nickname(giggling). And last time in diwali... Continue Reading →

Lost? Start walking.

Ever been lost in a huge crowd, we don't know where to go and everyone else is heading towards a direction perhaps certain about where they want to go. Or that moment when suddenly the grip of the hand which you have holding so firmly looses and the touch is lost in fraction of seconds.... Continue Reading →

Flowers,, please?!

Just when I was sitting inside the cab grumping about the traffic, the missed sunset, honking vehicles, looking through the window, people walking on the streets some at a very fast pace not looking around but just pacing towards with an eye sharp at destination maybe their homes, maybe family, maybe a awaiting bed after... Continue Reading →

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