I was just listening..

” You know what I love to paint, but my brother always takes my color, although he is small but he messes my life so much! But you know he is very nice, we sometimes color together, but he doesn’t always listens to me. I have given him a nickname(giggling). And last time in diwali we drew the rangoli together, he was not that nice but I was supervising him well… I was also helping my neighbors in their decorations and my mother was finding me everywhere. My mumma always keeps running behind me to eat. She said she’ll let me play if I’ll finish my food but how would I eat something I don’t like. She always says I’ll cook your favourite food in the morning but then there are classes in morning amd I leave early. Maths classes are the most devious, you know I am good at addition but division is not my thing.” And then she started demonstrating and instantly writing the math problems!

Yes, she. All this was not me narrating, but these were her words. She is 9 year old beautiful merry little girl. Children are sooo much to learn from. My god what words and expressions. The eyes filled with innocence and continuously in synchronization with her words. I don’t know when was the last time I talked and was so expressive about myself. The narrations, stories one after the other. By the way she was still going on after those math problems.(haha)

The problem is eventually we stop expressing ourselves, and start thinking, thinking and thinking. But we need to talk and express ourselves. Start telling how was your day, how is your routine going on, what music did you start enjoying lately or what problems are you facing or what made you instantly happy today!

And believe me there is always one person who is ready to listen to you, every sentence, every word, every emotion.

(well if you are novice, you can start taking classes from kids! Just beside them) hehe! 😉


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