Thank her everyday!! (and not just one)


Such a jolly awesome place to be!! Huge green Trees surrounding you, colorful swings with kids running around, breeze touching your hair and making it flow, sand lying around still as of too tired to make the move and always waiting for someone to come and leave their foot marks or shape it. And side benches for us to sit, relax, observe and perhaps scribble some words which would make some sense.

Now, it would be not normal if the stream of thoughts flowing in your mind just about to turn into a right line is not disrupted with your own uninvited thoughts or some external noise!

A kid fell down and was crying on top on his voice. Eyes closed, spread on the ground in the exact position he fell. He was screaming mumma, mumma!!!!! She had went for fetching something from their car parked near the fence,,

Till the time she was coming, everyone near the kid were trying to calm him down, kids playing with him were asking him to get up, the lady in the pink dress was trying to atleast make him stand to see how much he was hurt but all in vain. He was just screaming…!!

From a distance a lady came running, as fast as she could. And she got to her knees and started patting the head of the child. He looked at her with sobby eyes stopped for a second and started crying again for her attention. She told him to stand and said “it is nothing, you’ll be okay, you are such a brave boy”, She held his hand and he instantly got to his feet, he narrated whole story sobbing and then stopped crying. She wiped all his tears and the child gave her a smile. And this is what mother does for every child in this universe.

These were the same words which everyone was telling him but he was looking for the belief, faith and confidence he just had in her. He knew because she is saying, it is the truth. And this is what we all used to believe.

He narrated the incident which emptied his heart out and he was relieved that someone is there who believes in him and holds the power that everything will be fine.

Do you remember when did you all emptied your hearts to your mother? Or you all started believing that you have grown up? Well reality is we are never atleast for her!

Happy Mother’s Day to every Maa, who is the infinite source of love, faith, believe, prayers and definitely a source which made us! 🙂

So thank her everyday and love her every minute!!! ❤❤

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