Too good! Every time?

A pair of shoes. A bucket. A truck. A telephone. A vase. A swing set. A guitar without strings. An elephant. Next day it was a beautiful swing set, and likewise, every day there was a new object on the display stand of the wooden handicrafts shop which had more wrinkles than the old man who owned it. 

It was almost a routine to walk past the shop and waive him a ‘hi’ while admiring his work from the far distance and show him a thumb with assertion screaming that tomorrow I’ll come to make a craft myself and he used to nod playfully.

Finally, one day wearing the broadest smile I went early morning to the craftsmen shop, thinking about what would I make? Those eyes were twinkling and perfection reflected from them! Inside the store looked like a huge forest full of woods of different size, shape, texture and also he told quality! It was not hard to realize the reality of hard work it is going to need and I decided that I’ll make a simple round bowl with a beautiful design on its rim.

Like a nursery teacher teaching alphabets, he was guiding me in every step, and soon I had a semi-round like hollow object in my hands, the more I looked towards it the more I became happy! But I was not satisfied, I wanted it to be perfect so I held the chisel and a small hammer in another and started giving finishing touches to it. The old man, with his deep voice which echoed with experience of years, told me too to keep it as it. He said,    “At times you need to accept things and make peace with what you have” but I told him that it would be more beautiful and the moment I hammered the chisel to make it even the bowl cracked and split into two!

I looked towards him with eyes filled with guilt of not listening to him and he was still smiling, the same simple smile not trying to belittle me but calming me. And he repeated the same line and gave me another piece of wood to start it again!

So shouldn’t we follow our instincts, our hearts, our driving force to make it perfect? I know, I had the same going inside me, but there are times there is someone who knows better than you like the old man here. We need to listen rather than think at times like these. You cannot deny the experience a man has on the fluke of your driving force!

Acceptance is a very magical solution! To accept certain things, situations, people can create magic around and inside you!

Do you agree?

If YES?! Start practicing the art of acceptance. ❤

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