All about today!

I was walking hurriedly making my way, cutting through the corridor, phone vibrating in the pocket, checking my watch every second because had to rush. It was such a huge place and finding the right thing at the right time, umm isn’t this we cry for every time? So, standing in the center as I was lost in finding suddenly my heart sank for a second, feet stuck where they were eyes shot a panorama view.

People were fighting, some with their hands joined together and some wide open, they were fighting for their lives, for the ones whom they loved and for those who were the only ones they had with them in this world! I was standing in a hospital, finding the directions to my doctor’s cabin.

Minutes later freakiness decreased and then found my voice to ask the nurse where does the doctor attend patients? With a calming smile, she showed me the way along!

Hospitals are a weird place. How can you feel both hope and sorrow at the same place, sometimes the same instance? A newborn gives a million smiles on the family’s face while someone’s part is carried with their beloved’s loss. Scary isn’t it?

Praying for everyone’s good health and I request you all to close your eyes for few seconds to pray for everyone’s good health and luck!

Smile.Believe.BeKind! 🙂

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