Standing out!

Umm, I am writing after a longgggg time. Don’t know, I just couldn’t find the strength all this time to make my words stand on themselves. But by the way speaking about standing, tell me what do you think, how do you everybody stands?

What did you all think? I guess you’ll all say our two legs, feet, toes, heels. I say no!

I mean not totally disagreeing obviously we can’t deny but legs aren’t the only who give us the support to stand. Why are then we sometimes afraid to stand alone? Stand for ourselves, stand for someone else, stand in an empty queue when everybody is going for the other one, and stand for that another one second where all the hope is just about to vanish and you feel to sit?

Because along with those feet, stands the confidence, hope, faith of you in yourself and all the people who believe in you. Who are there in your lives as your guide, mentor, guardian, well-wisher, parent, teacher, friends, siblings, family!

Have a strong belief and remember all these support systems whenever you are confident in yourselves but just because nobody has walked in that direction makes you worry, this credence will give you the power to stand out and walk it through!

I am trying, it sure works πŸ™‚

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Thank you everyone! πŸ™‚ ❀

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